Website Optimisation for Search Engines

There is a huge difference between a normal website and an optimised website.

Normal websites do not indicate what they are about to search engines, whereas an optimised website indicates clearly and definitively every bit of content they hold; this makes it easier for search engines to recognise your website and categorically index your website in their database, which in turn will be used to deliver results for a user’s query - if the query matches the content on your site, then your site comes up in the search results. 

Search engines learn the content published on the net and deliver the best possible and most appropriate results to a user’s query. In fact, none of us will type the right URL in the browser to go directly to a website and most of us don’t even bother to remember the full and the right URL for a website which we’re told about to visit for more information.
Website Optimisation for Search Engines

We Optimise
Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla CMS Websites

We are specialised in Drupal7 to Drupal8 migrations, minor version upgrades and maintenance contracts are available for businesses of all sizes. We also work on Wordpress and Joomla sites and many other open-source CMS based website.

We Optimise
Python Django web applications

Python Django framework is what we are great at when it comes to bespoke websites and business class web applications.

We Optimise
Any website built on any web framework 

We have delivered a few projects based on Microsoft .net framework with C# back-end and typescript and Angular front-end.

On Page Optimisation for;
Corporate websites

We take pride in creating a new online brand identity for corporate businesses, we have successfully delivered any completely rebranded websites to businesses of all type and almost every industry.

On Page Optimisation for;
Schools and University websites

We have experience, knowledge and skillsets required to deliver on website projects for schools, colleges and universities, we understand that every educational establishment is different and we can design and develop online systems that automate every process with student and university management systems.

On Page Optimisation for;
eCommerce / Shopping carts

Go online and sell globally, your eCommerce project is important to us and we work hard to bring your project alive. Magento, NopCommerce, Shopify, Drupal Commerce, BigCommerce or completely custom-built Shopping Cart Solution to meet your specific needs.

What are;
Search Engine Optimised websites

Optimised websites tell what they are about proactively to search engine, the result is higher ranking of your website in users search results, which leads to acquiring a new customer or a client. All our websites come with on-page optimisation so you can start gathering search data to further improve your website.

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