IT Consultancy

Our Certified IT consultants and Project Managers have the necessary skills and the experience to draft what you need based on what you have and where you would like to see your staff productivity in the next 5 years. 

Our consulting service is entirely independent, what this means is that our consulting report is not biased to promote the products and services we offer, it is entirely based on your requirements and your goals.

IT Consultancy - CompitSystems

Technical advice

Technical advice on Hardware, Software and On Premises or On Cloud decisions you will be able to make based on our report.

Solution choices

If you know what's available on the market, you will be able to understand what solution will suite your organisation. We can make that research easy for you by putting together recommended solutions that fit the purpose.

Design considerations

When you decide to develop a software application that isn't already available can give you a competitive advantage over other players in the market, hence you must get it right what you set out to achieve by considering all options at the design stage, this is where we can help you.

Cloud IT Options

There are so many Cloud providers in the market today, whom do you choose and what to consider, set up your Cloud Infrastructure or use Public Cloud Infrastructure from cloud infrastructure providers, too many options. We can assist you in gathering your requirements and budget to advise you on the best IT Solutions available for you.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Your organisation needs a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Strategy in place, so you can bring your business back online after few minutes of downtime, the organisation productivity is hence maintained at optimum levels, we can point you in the right direction so you can be ready when disaster strikes.

Network Security & Protection

You may be putting your business, your customers and almost everything at risk if you leave your network open. Data protection laws have evolved, have you got your organisation fit enough to comply? are your computer network and applications protected? these are some of the questions we can help you to get the answers for and help you achieve better protection against data theft. 

Backup Strategy

Have you put your backup strategy through a stress test? do you know your backups are reliable and will get you back online after a disaster? Onsite, Offsite and Offsite Cloud backup, what works and which option is the best fit and reliable for your business, what option will get you back online reliably and in less time so damages are minimised.

Would you like a second opinion?

Have you received a quotation for your IT project? 

Would you like a second opinion?

 We can look at what you have been quoted and provide you with an independent report to help you to take a decision.

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